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About Us

Creatory by Hyphen Group. Our mission is to help every content creator earn a living.

To do this we believe that creators need a well-designed, self-serve portal. From working with lifestyle and finance creators we’ve learned that they can grow their earnings if they are equipped with tools that help them to discover the offers they want to promote as well as access real-time analytics about their content with actionable insights.

We also believe in connecting creators with a community of other creators that want to share their best practices and success stories.

Founder Creators

Being one of the first 50 to sign up to the platform gives you access to a community of Founder Creators with the power to challenge our team as we continue to improve the product ahead of our official launch. We’ll help you to monetize from day one and you’ll also receive a few additional founder perks along the way.

Creatory Platform

This is the support community for the core platform found at